40’ft Containers

40’ft Containers

Sea Containers PC supplies a full range of new, fully refurbished and used 40′ containers for sale or hire.

40ft Container Features

  • All Containers feature timber floors
  • Double width opening doors at one end
  • Fully rated up to 30 tonne
  • Choice of Standard Height 8″6″ or 9’6″ High Cubes
  • Choice of grades and refurbishment levels from as is to new build

General 40ft Container Use

  • General Storage
  • Furniture Storage
  • Archive Boxes
  • Overseas Shipping
  • Construction Site Safe
  • Base for Custom Built Projects


Sea Containers PC stock a full range of 40′ shipping containers more commonly known in the industry as GP’s (General Purpose) and 40′ High Cubes. 40′ High Cubes offer an additional 1′ (30cm) of height while remaining the same length and width of a 40′ GP. 40′ GP’s are mostly used in commercial situations as they require semi trailer side loaders for delivery and residential houses generally don’t offer the required delivery space. We stock a full range of grades from standard storage grade to newly built shipping containers.

Please fill in the “Quick Quote Form” for a written quotation on our 40′ft and 40′ft High Cube Containers. 40′ft Containers have an endless amount of uses from general storage through to a base for modified custom built solutions, so whatever your needs may be, you can be assured we will have a solution.