Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Sea Containers PC refrigerated shipping containers and cool rooms are a perfect choice when it comes to the storage of chilled or frozen products.

Refrigerated Shipping Container Features

  • Self – modulating Temperature range -25 to +25
  • Single phase or 3 Phase Power options
  • Easy Door Options Available
  • Aluminium T bar floors
  • Stainless Steel walls
  • Fully Washable

General Refrigerated Shipping Container Use

  • Food Storage and manufacturing
  • Beverage storage
  • Farming
  • Vegetable and Produce growers
  • Wine Makers
  • Fish Mongers
  • Catering Companies
  • Festivals and Public Event


Sea Containers PC specialises in a full range of refrigerated shipping containers or “Reefers” as they are known in the industry. Refrigerated containers are designed to maintain the temperate of the product inside. For example, room or ambient temperature product is not to be loaded if it is to be stored at -20, the product should be brought down to its storage temperature and then loaded. Reefer containers are designed to have an operating temperature of -25 to +25 degrees Celsius. Refrigerated containers are manufactured using 75mm of polyurethane foam covered with a steel external shell. Internally the walls are stainless steel. Refrigerated shipping containers also have an aluminium T Bar flooring system which allows air flow around the product.