Sea Containers PC can arrange delivery of your container anywhere within Western Australia. Transport can usually be arranged within 24 to 48 hours.

Shipping Container Delivery

  • Tilt Tray Truck
  • Side Loader
  • Semi Trailer

Sea Containers PC delivery drivers will assist you on-site to position the shipping container just where you need it. Please keep in mind we cannot place containers on public roads, nature strips or on council or public property without written consent from the relevant authorities.

Right Way Around

It’s important to know which way the container doors will need to face prior to delivery. We can then load the container correctly onto the delivery truck, saving you valuable time when unloading. In most cases a shipping container only has doors at one end. When we load the container onto a truck for delivery we need to know if the doors are to face the cabin of the truck or the rear of the truck. Tilt tray trucks will slide the container off the rear of the truck into place, hence why it is important to know the required orientation of the container. Side loaders only lift the container off to the driver’s side and place it next to the trailer. Once the container is offloaded via either a tilt truck or side loader, it cannot be easily repositioned, therefore it is critical we know which way you require the doors to be facing.

Be aware of any obstacles which can prevent access to your property:

  • Overhanging branches
  • House Eves
  • Narrow Driveways and Gates
  • Low power and telephone lines
  • Soft Ground – especially in winter

Tilt tray trucks generally require 3 Metres width to fit into a spot. This includes the mirrors and the cabin of the truck. Height wise the truck sits approximately 3.7 Metres off the ground with the container loaded. When the truck is tilted to load or unload the container we need 5 Metres of height clearance and 11 Metres of clearance in front for the truck to obtain access to the site.

Side loaders are semi trailers and generally don’t fit in most metropolitan residential situations, therefore are not suitable for domestic deliveries. Semi trailers require 3 Metres width and 15 Metres in length to obtain access to a site. For unloading the semi trailer requires a clearance of 14 Metres in length and a minimum of 5.5 Meters of width & 5 metres in height. When the container is unloaded the semi trailer needs to extend support legs which extend the container out past the side of the trailer. Containers require a flat surface to sit on.

If you have any question regarding delivery types, delivery costs, or access or the terrain – just ask our experienced staff at any of our locations for some advice.

How should my container be stored?

The key word here is level, regardless of what surface the container is placed on the container will need to be stored on a level surface. Failure to do so may result in the doors being difficult to open and close, especially once the container is full. Having the container slightly raised off the ground or on gravel will assist with preventing moisture and water build up around the underneath of your container. Having drainage or ventilation under your container will assist in prolonging the life of your investment.

Placement options:

  • Grass – acceptable for very short term storage
  • Gravel and or Crushed Rock – we recommend about 100mm depth once compressed
  • Asphalt or Concrete
  • Concrete or Besser Blocks
  • Red Gum Railway or Pine Sleepers